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Grrrrrr....... that darn hoodie is going to find it's way back into a ball of yarn !! I started it about a year ago and lost the pattern. All I have left to finish is one sleeve and some ribbing.... easy enuff, right? WELL..... I began knitting from the cuff up and screwed the whole thing up. I stuffed it back into my knitting stash and that's where it's going to stay until I can stand to look at it again.

On a brighter note, I've finished Ryan's sweater and he was able to wear it to his ice skating get together (he looked handsome for Hannah). It's such a simple pattern and that's exactly what I need right now. I'm 'cyphering' out how to use the same pattern for Lyndsay but on a bigger needle with thicker yarn . I spun some oversize variegated wool top-----wool top, what's with that?? What kind of wool?? Nope, doesn't say what kind of sheep, only that it's WOOL TOP. Alrighty then, it's just an amalgamation of wool that's had the holy crap processed out of it ?? At any rate, I'm going to do the same reverse fair isle with a snowflake pattern. I'm just a little concerned about the bulk of it all.... that bulk yarn can make some sweaters look sloppy. I spun up some bulk Icelandic Lopi from one of my older sheep to go along with the WOOL TOP :-) Call me anal, I like to know the breed of animal I'm spinning :-)

Here are the stats:
2 ply (12) Black Icelandic Lopi/Black Llama blend
2 ply (12) White Icelandic Lopi
4 ply red acrylic from Gramma's stash :-)
**I have no idea how much I used of each. I ran out of black and had to run down to the barn and tackle a black ewe for more fiber.



Marcia said...

Looks very nice Lynette! Close ups? on that sweater?

Stone Hill Ranch said...

The fair isle I used was from an 'ancient' book haha.... I modified it to suit the sweater. I'm not too crazy about the neck (it's too big) so I may still rip it out. I put the fair isle pattern up on the blog next to some other close ups. I'm working on a modified version of this sweater for Lyndsay: I'm substituting a basic seed stitch in lieu of the rolled edges for neatness :-)

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