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Lyndsay's Sweater

Posted by Stone Hill Ranch

I bought some beautiful Merino variegated roving from the Blackhawk Spin In this year and decided to use it for Lyndsay's sweater. Yes, I spun another 2-ply bulk yarn. Knitting goes much quicker for me with bulk yarns (too many sweaters to make :-). I used a seed stitch pattern on the bottom and will duplicate that on the sleeves and possibly the neck. The sweater will have drop shoulders.

I used the same reverse fair isle technique but with a snowflake pattern that I copied from one of Lyndsay's old sweaters. The black and white yarn are both natural Icelandic 2-ply bulk weights from my own sheep. I spun each in Lopi. Hopefully I'll finish it soon.... I have to put the fair isle in at night when the kids are sleeping or I'll screw it up royally !!! Once again, I use the black stripe as a divider for the mirror pattern.
I'm using circular needles up to the pattern, at which point I knit/purl. I tried using circulars for the whole sweater (easier) but then I have to hide the match-up. I don't think taking the sweater off the circulars is going to make the pattern much more appealing to the eye (uniform pattern around the bodice) b/c of the seamwork that will need to be done...... we'll see.


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