Aandsvarr Needs a Woman

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and it begins.....

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Welp, springtime is definitely here! There's new life all over the farm and we're all just lovin' it :-) We herded all of the Icelandics into the lambing pens and all of the Icelandics managed to get out the very next day haha! We went down to fix the situation and one of our Merino/Icelandic crossbreeds decided to lamb on pasture (oops). The babies are adorable and the wool feels TREMENDOUS! I'm anxious to spin them :-)

We lambed some Merino/Icelandics back in January and the results are varied so far. We were able to produce a single coated fleece from the black male, but the female retained the dual coat.... both are *incredibly silky*! Strange thing: The black fleece is thel, the white is tog on both animals?? Go figure. The conformation on the male seems to be representative of Merinos (low, barrel bellied), but the female is a spitting image of an Icelandic....hmmm.

Lyndsay's Hampshire babies are doing well (born Jan./Feb.) and she's already at me to take a trip to Missouri for next years breeding ram.... go figure :-) Damn, we need a new barn!!!!!!


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