Aandsvarr Needs a Woman

Meet Andsvaar.... he's one strappin' Icelandic breeding ram!! Check out our website below for details on how YOU can have Andsvaar on YOUR farm.

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Current Attempts :-)

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I've been working on this hoodie for quite awhile..... I keep changing my mind about button holes or zippers. The black fiber used is a handspun mix of Black Icelandic Ewe & Sarah's Llama. The ladder pattern is made of my late English Angora Rabbits. The sheep didn't like the bunnies running around in the barn, hence, they've gone to a better place. My son now runs French Angoras..... who WILL stay in their pens !!

My next project is Ryan's new sweater. I decided on a Scandanavian Fair Isle pattern but I'm not to crazy about the arms. I much prefer drop shoulders as the kids wear their sweaters as coats and they need the extra room inside. I used White Icelandic wool for the background and Black Icelandic wool for the pattern. I threw in a little red acrylic from Gramma's stash :-)


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