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The Woolen Loft......

Posted by Stone Hill Ranch

Well, my plans for not marketing wool this year have certainly gone awry. Originally, we'd planned to 'JUST PLAIN ENJOY' the year and attend various wool markets and classes across the country. However..... my loft (where the wool is kept) and my husband are whistling different tunes :-) Not to mention all of my loyal friends and customers who are 'crying' for that MARVELOUS Icelandic fiber. At any rate, just to let you know, I have fired up the fiber sales part of the business for current fiber stock and spring 2010 reserves (I'll post pics of the 2010 lambs in April).

Unfortunately, I have no livestock for sale at this time. After only 2 weeks of marketing, we sold half of the herd: UNBELIEVABLE. It's great to see the number of folks who are interested in our sheep. We'll undoubtedly have more for sale in Spring 2010 and I'll be sure to include you on the presale mailer. The downsizing has been a wonderful (but sad) experience. A smaller herd fits our lifestyle right now.


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