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Fair Isle update

Posted by Stone Hill Ranch

Well....you should get a load of this wonderful seam.... I'll NOT post a pic! Horrible looking >:( It pays to do a little research b4 you start knitting. Come to find out, Fair Isle is typically knitted in the round with a couple of little tricks for matchup: Jogless Color Knitting. This tip satisfies the 'type A' in me, however, I'M NOT RIPPING DOWN...... I refuse. I'll 'rig' the seam til it satisfies me. In addition, I'm told that Fair Isle is knitted in a tube...... no accomodations for sleeves. You simply CUT (haha) a place for the sleeves and then onward 'ho'. I don't think so---that sounds dangerous. I'll be the more 'progressive' fair isle knitter and leave the scissors in my knitting basket.

I'm avoiding the neckline of this sweater. It scares me. To seed stitch, or not to seed stitch..... that is the question. I truly hate necklines. Necklines are the part of the project that, if done incorrectly, can make the sweater scream 'HOMEMADE by someone that doesn't know what they're doing' (not that I ever know what I'm doing). Case in point: Ryan's sweater, I love the sweater, but the neckline stinks.


Stone Hill Ranch said...

ok.... I stand corrected. Fair isle isn't necessarily knit in the round. You can knit the body on circulars but when you come to the arm holes, you leave these long strands that connect the front to the back. I guess you can knit the arms in the round, but then you'll be dealing with jogs. Hmmm.... I hate purling, but I may hafta start lovin' it.

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