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Abercrombie & Fitch

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OK..... anyone who knows me, KNOWS that I LOVE A&F. If I were younger, and had fewer wrinkles, I'd work there. Ryan and I decided to brave the crowds on Black Friday and pay A&F a visit.

We were greeted by 2 hip looking young adults as we entered the store. We were 'Oh So Focused' on finding a sweatshirt for Ryan when out of the corner of my eye I spy this MAGNIFICENT sweater vest. All hopes for Ryan's sweatshirt went out the window as I tripped over myself getting to the NEW FIND. Where's my camera when I need it??? I really didn't need the camera, as the sweater was so basic. Stockinette stitch in fat handspun singles..... high, thick-ribbed collar.... no finishing on the sleeves or waste. This sweater had to take all of 1 hour to make. The price tag?? $140.00 US.

I'm off to the races. I came home and immediately dug thro' my roving stash. Staring me in the face was that crappy ole light gray Shitland..... I mean Shetland. Now, I have nothing against Shetland wool, however, this particular roving I purchased (years ago) was processed VERY poorly. Nonetheless, this roving would do the trick. I spun about 4 oz. and it was so much fun :-) All lumpy and imperfect!! I'll re-create that A&F sweater vest !!


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