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The Vest (cont.)

Posted by Stone Hill Ranch

ok.... now I'm thinking a cross between the A&F sweater vest and the American Eagle sweater vest (right), only not so long. I like the collar on the AE vest (not so floppy)...... but I absolutely HATE the whole zipper thing. I think it's kool the way the Fitch sweater closes but I'm really not into the leather belt over a bulk weight vest-----can you say 'FAT'? I'm thinking about a closure that looks similar to a small oriental hairpic..... I think I saw one in Filati. At any rate the pick would make use of the knit, but I can already envision losing it.

Remember that nasty Shetland? Welp, it looks awesome, but it lost some of the 'unspun' look when I set the twist. I decided to knit a swatch using one strand of the Shetland and a 2-ply strand of Petey (one of my Angora goats). So...... it'll be a wool/mohair blend vest. The mohair really softened up the Shetland and added quite a bit of shine.



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