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Sean's Sweater

Posted by Stone Hill Ranch

Oh for the history of this sweater....... I *absolutely* HAD to finish this sweater that I started a LONG time ago. Too many times I almost frogged it and then I remembered where the fiber came from :-) The black yarn is a blend of my girlfriends Llama and one of our original Icelandic breeding ewes (since deceased). The memories I have of those animals still make me smile :-) The ladder pattern is made of angora----again from one of the Angora rabbits the kids used to play with. It's funny how memories can keep you going!!

I'm not all that happy with the sweater (one of my first). I lost the pattern and had to improvise---and spin more yarn. I really did a POOPY job with construction.... ah well, live and learn. Sean is happy with it tho'!! Now he has an ice skating sweater like the other kids :-) Since it took me so long to finish his sweater, he's first on the list for next years sweaters!!


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