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Swatching the Cortina

Posted by Stone Hill Ranch

It's finally swatched!! I went back and forth over what colorway to use.... I'd originally planned to use my Icelandic, then I didn't think the colors looked right, now I'm back to using my handspun yarn :-) It's funny how different a project looks once you swatch the pattern. I hafta say, there's not alot of contrast, but I like it.

I'm using the Dale of Norway Cortina pattern but I'm sure I'll have to make some pretty major adjustments due to the yarn guage difference and my aversion to steeking. I'm not overly worried, re-engineering is my specialty. The variegated green is from some Merino roving I purchased and the brown is Birla (one of my AWESOME Icelandic breeder ewes :-)


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