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Good Bye 2009

Posted by Stone Hill Ranch

I forgot to post some year end projects I finished within the past couple of weeks. I'm really looking forward to my projects for next year (I'm sure the list will be long).

I had a great time making all 5 facemasks-----the pattern is so easy and a great 'between project' relief. No more frozen tears on the kids' cheeks!! I tried to get a little more fancy with each mask I made :-)
Lyndsay's Fair Isle sweater was, by far, the most challenging project of the year for me. I didn't do steeking and didn't follow the 'Fair Isle' rules, but I still had fun and it turned out ok. I'll definitely do the seed stitching again.

I really don't even want to post the silk roving tube scarf..... it was a boring project and I'm not to crazy about knitting with silk roving/hankies. I should try spinning it on the wheel next time... maybey it won't stick to my hands so much. The tube scarf pattern is one I made up on the fly..... you really don't need a pattern for a tube scarf :-)


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