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The Hamps Are Here!!!

Posted by Stone Hill Ranch

Well, we're off and running with baby lambs as of yesterday!!! Our Hampshire sheep begin to lamb in January and will continue through February. We also have some Merino sheep that we've crossed with Ilex (Icelandic ram) that will be due in January/February timeframe. The last to lamb are always my Icelandics-----Easter time is when they 'pop' :-)

'Sister' had her twin boys yesterday morning. They weighed in at 11lbs & 12lbs and have really GREAT butts on them!! Last year, we bred our Hampshires to a ram that had a bony butt, and hence, most of the babies came out with scrawny butts and skinny legs. This year, we bred the girls to my friends ram up the road. I think all but one took. Hopefully, everyone twins and Lyndsay will be able to have a choice on who to show in 4H :-)

I'm going to take a few of the Hampshire fleeces to the processor this month and have them made up into quilt batts. Hampshire sheep are a mutton breed..... not wool, however, their wool may be a cheaper alternative for quilting batts.


Henya said...

They are adorable. Now, that I have discovered your site I will visit often.

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