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The Sheepdog

Posted by Stone Hill Ranch

Lamb(left) & Kirby(right)

Oh for dogs and their sheep. It's already happened, we've got a lamb in the house. Not sure why it happens, but we ALWAYS seem to host a few baby Hampshires in our home during lambing season. No other breeds end up in my house..... only Hampshires. They're not very stealthy boogers when they're born, but they sure do beat the pants off any other breed once they're grown.

At any rate, Lyndsay went to check the moms down at the barn yesterday and came back ALL FIRED UP about some baby lamb. I trucked it on down there and sure enuff...... we had one with a cold mouth. Up to house she came and I've been tripping over her (and the dog) in my kitchen ever since. Kirby, our French Brittany, has adopted this little 'bundle of BAA' and treats her like it's her baby. Mind you, I don't allow animals in my kitchen, EVER. Typically, I run the 'hospital' in my husbands basement shop. Once she can walk..... SHE'S OUTA HERE..... chicken coop bound. Don't ask me how I'm going to separate the dog from her lamb.


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